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Budget Gaming Computer – January 2017

PC Gaming on a Budget!
There are some great PC games out there, and you don’t need to spend a ton of money to play them. Each month, you can check JimboGames.com for a budget gaming computer configuration for $600 or less! Even though this is budget build, we still strive to use quality components.

For January 2017, the hardware for the budget gaming PC is under $550 (assuming you already have a Microsoft Windows 10 license).

Components List


Every computer needs a case! This month, the budget gaming computer features the Cooler Master N200.

  • Cooler Master N200
    Cooler Master N200 - Mini Tower Computer Case with Fully Meshed Front Panel and mATX/Mini-ITX Support. Removable dust filter.

Power Supply

You gotta power the components!


This motherboard

CPU & CPU Cooler

The brains of the operation!

Video Card

You wanna see your games, right?


Memory – you gotta enough


Mechanical hard drives are a thing of the past.


Don’t forget the extras!

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